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March 2nd till March 7th – Nazareth

My last diary entry ended with “I miss the West Bank.”, do you remember?
And since I miss the West Bank that much, I am in an Israeli place in the Golan Heights. Yes, I switched places again. And that just after a few days!

It was Probably due to a misunderstanding, but I really did not feel comfortable at my last place. There were good work, good food, good accommodation and the hosts had been very friendly. So what was wrong? Well, one of them was a bit too touchy. It was probably just a warm friendliness, probably the culture, probably something else. I am not sure. I just know that I did not feel comfortable. First I showed him that I do not like that. Then I told him. But he did not understand, and continued. I was pissed and stressed all the time, avoided my hosts and felt sorry about avoiding them since they tried to be good hosts.

Without respecting that I don’t like it when someone e.g. holds my hands for too long, my border was crossed. No matter for what reasons. So I decided to leave. When I told my hosts, they were really surprised. The touchy one apologised and said he did not mean anything. He also asked me to stay a few days longer or to return so that I would not leave with the feeling of being treated in a disrespectful way. I did some work and left today. I was looking forward to the new-old place.

I had a bad gut feeling about that day at today, So I planned to take a bus from Nazareth to Tiberias, but it only goes in the afternoon. Instead, I walked and Hitchhiked. I got a ride with a Muslim woman, with some travelling Germans and a nice guy who did a long way to drop me off in Ramot, my destination. Hitchhiking in Israel is really easy. It is not only part of the culture, there is also the infrastructure. There are bus stops, usually for long distance buses, everywhere, and you just need to go to one of them. They even have lights when it is dark.

The new-old place is an Israeli farm in the Golan Heights, where I had stayed two years ago. It is green there, there is plenty of raw food and: I can sleep outside. They are organic and have a bit of a hippy mindset. I like this place and I am happy I returned.

Well, actually, last time I was there, I also got quite pissed. There was an english volunteer who generously offered to sleep with me, since he got the idea that I never had a good man before. Unfortunately, I had to repeat the “no” a few times. He also complained just a bit too much. It was much nicer after he left.

So let us see how it will be, at this new-old place. It is so nice to see the people again!
I will stay here till the 16th, then visit a friend in Tel Aviv and return to the Family on the 20th.

Written on 7th March, by sembei


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