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March 16th till March 20th – Tel Aviv

I am catching up! I know I had been a bit lazy publishing my adventures lately. But I had not been lazy with the website, as you may have noticed. I moved the website to its new address,, did some website-cosmetics, wrote an About-text, a support me-text and got a PayPal account.
Getting the PayPal account was interesting. I managed to do the same spelling mistake twice when I set the password. So I was unable to lock in. As this happened before I confirmed my e-mail address, I could not use the password reset. So I e-mailed PayPal’s customer service only to receive a message that I got a message which I can read only after log in. What a joke. They have a free support hotline from Germany, but as you know, I am not in Germany. So I tried to repeat the typo every now and then and – succeeded! I hacked my own password!
Now I only need to find out how I am supposed to enter the confirmation code for my bank account with the fields for entering the numbers being inactive. Work in progress.

So much for my Cyber Adventures. And anyway, this happened between March 20th till now. What about what happened in my real live during my days in Tel Aviv? Well, they had been amazing.

On the first day I went on a cycling trip to the Jordan Embassy. I learned that I can actually get a visa at Sheikh Hussein Border crossing for 40 JID (50€) for one month and get an extension at any police station. I was not able to find out if there is any 6 months visa available or how much the fees for extensions are. Getting a one month visa at the embassy would be around 360 NIS (85€).
I also learned that the Israelis will charge me 176 NIS (40€) for leaving the country. By now I know, they charge 176 NIS at King Hussein Border crossing, but 101 NIS (25€) at Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing. King Hussein is in West Bank, close to Ariha. Sheikh Hussein is in Israel, close to the Golan Heights. Guess which border crossing I chose?
If it’s useful for you, here is my online source:

To go to the Jordan Embassy I used my friend’s bike. I love the astro sticker decoration on it, but it slows down when rolling downhill. So it was a bit more workout to ride it. Actually I walked quite a bit. Despite of that I decided to take the longer way back alongside the seaside. On the way I ran into an Egyptian hummus place and had the best Hummus ever.
In the evening I went to a free viola concert with my friend and a friend of his. It was classical music but still glorious. I love violas. It was also St. Patrics day, so we jammed together when we came home. It was great fun! I think his flatmate and the German AirBnB guests may had another opinion on that, but they did not complain.

During the following days I did some cleaning and organizing, went out for frisbee and enjoyed my time.
Before leaving I did some precautions for hitchhiking: Finding my “wedding ring” and making a fake couple photo. Lying about me being married helped. There were no unpleasant incidents, just a friendly invitation for a coffee. But I planned my route too sloppy. The highway I wanted to use to go to Taybeh had no exit for the Arab town. So I had to use smaller roads. It was quite difficult, took me many rides and most Israelis did not understand why I want to go to an Arab town.

I arrived much later than planned. And I felt a bit insecure if I would be up to the upcomming task.

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  1. fuji

    Aloha – gute Tour noch. Bei mir neigt sie sich den Ende entgegen.. Bin grad in Lagos und übermorgen geht’s von Faro heim nach München.. (Übrigens lustigsterweise auch mit Geige..)
    War allerdings ziemlich lazy und dazu in nem Natur reservat, wesewegen ich diesmal das bloggen verpeilt hab.. Schien ich mal nach bei Lust und Laune..

    Cu, der U..


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