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April 4th till May 1st – Tel Aviv second time

I know I was very lazy with writing in April. Well, it had been a live changing month. As the last time, I stayed at the friends place in Tel Aviv.
Other than making some unexpected decisions, I filled my time with: Busking, dumpster diving, cooking, rooftop picknicks, riding my favourite bike, working and end up reading a romance dime novel. I went to Ramot and returned to Tel Aviv unexpectedly, enjoyed having time for Djamila and yoga.

Having a Good Time on a Low Budged
Since I usually work for board and lodging I had some concerns about possibly high costs of living when I stay with my friend in Tel Aviv. But with busking and dumpser diving, both things I used to do in Regenburg, it was no problem at all. It even turned out to be the best time I had in these tree months in Israel.

Busking was fun. I played with my recorder and had a sign, that described what I was up to. I love busking because it gets me in contact with people. One time I was run over by a small dog that wanted to cuddle. Another time I got a co-busker drumig on a lunchbox with carrots. Of cause there also had been some pleasant chatting.

Although I earned 384 NIS (almost 90€) with plenty of busking, my main supply was dumpster diving. Dumpster diving in general says, that you get food that was, or is about to get thrown away. It is insane how much good stuff ends up in a trash bag. My favourite sites were the Carmel and HaNamal shouks (markets). The best time is, when the market is about to close and the leftovers had yet not been cleaned away.
The most amazing thing was a falafel place. When they were about to close we just asked if they are going to throw food away. We got a bag full with falafel and had an unexpected late night picknick at a playground. Feeling like a King and happily dwelling in luxury I ate falafel till I felt sick. I think now I can resist any falafel temptations.
Mostly I got fresh vegetables and also herbs. I enjoyed cooking and came to like that small blender wich I had found in the kitchen. It was not very strong, but good enough for smoothies and, very tasty, peanut butter coffee.
All that good food got celebrated with two very nice picknicks at to top of the physics department at Tel Aviv university. I like to be on high spots.
Some stuff, like garlic or ginger, I bought. A few times I ate at Hummus places and I also, finally, got wool for spinning.

Having in mind, that I will need money for the border crossing to Jordan and also probably to get around there, I tried to get as much money as possible. These attempts actually brought me paid work. Paid online work found on the platform upwork. A cold shiver runs down my back when I think about it. After several applications and researches I got a job offer as a proofreader for a translation from English to German. It said USD 0.002 per word and about 19 000 to 26 000 words and should take me 3 to 5 hours. Sounded ok, so I agreed. But what did I get myself into? First, it was not 3-5 hours, it was 18, making it hard for me to keep the time limit of 3 days. One of the days was scheduled for changing places to Ramot. Proudly to announce, I managed. Second, it was a romance dime novel. I guess I closed an education gap by reading that, but honestly, who reads that? Who wants to read about certain things I will not write here? Brrrr, there is the cold shiver.

Strange Locals & Spare Time Activities

I enjoyed to have enough spare time for Djamila, my viola, and for yoga, or so. Or so, because I am not sure one can call what I do yoga. I just follow book and website instructions. I never had lessons. Therefore I was very happy when I got a hint, that there are free yoga classes in Tel Aviv. It was a nice, cosy yoga place and the people looked very beautiful and a bit hippy. I needed to fill out some forms and told them that I have no address since I was travelling and went inside. I looked around with big eyes, drank an offered tea, picked a place and waited for the classes to begin. But then, one of the organisers came to me and asked to speak to me in private. She told me that others hat complained about my smell and asked me to leave. I was very surprised. I had taken a shower, had put on fresh clothes and brushed my teeth. How could I smell? It hit me, suddenly I felt very insecure and went home. When I talked to the person who gave me the hint, she was surprised and told me, that she went there often sweating, not using deodorant and had never experienced any complaints. So I guess I may had made too big eyes and they did not want to have a “homeless” person with them, or so.

Via workaway, the platform I use to find hosts, I found a group with a rooftop garden. The description sounded quite promising. A bit like the Transition Town movement that used to be the most important part in my live back in Regensburg. They did not reply to my mail, but had a vegan cafe running. So I decided to drop by. It was rather disappointing. They were in no mood for talking and the place was quite commercial. I felt a bit strange, trying to talk to them.

To get from A to B in Tel Aviv, I used my friends bike. The heavy mountain bike with its huge friction and lose back wheel axis was a pleasure to train my muscles and endurance. Sounds sarcastic, but I really liked it. The route led along the seaside and I often had to pass the harbour with its sailing ships. Sailing… there were plans to work in the Netherlands on a sailing boat this summer.

Days past by and then suddenly it was time to leave to Ramot. I had planed to spend my last week, before leaving to Jordan, in Ramot. Ramot was close to the border to Jordan.
Hitchhiking was no problem. I even got my last ride from my hosts, while I prepared for walking the last part. A nice welcome, good food, green and beautiful surrounding, but: a suffocating heat, no internet in the evening and no time to play my instruments and hardly any opportunities for yoga. It was either too hot or I had to work or people were sleeping. I missed Tel Aviv, the cycling and the company of my friend.
And just a few days before I went to Ramot I had spontaneously decided to take my flight to Europe instead of going to Jordan. In contrary to Tel Aviv, Ramot is not even close to the Airport. My hosts had enough workers anyway and swoop, two nights later I was back in Tel Aviv. Hitch hiking back was even more easy, since some visitors were so friendly to take me with them.

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