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May 1st – Back to Europe & surprices

Travelling back was smooth, but tirering and a bit last minute. The bus took me just in time to the second bus that brought me close to the airport. From there on I walked around two kilometres to the shuttle bus witch brought me to gate 3. Then I had several hours of security checks with long queues, leaving me with just 40 minutes till check in at around 8 p.m. I had no questioning. Or course I did not mention anything Arab. Officially I visited a friend and made music. Otherwise I may had end up in several houre long quetioning about what exactly I was doing. Djamila was hand luggage again. In Istanbul I spent the night sleeping at some seats. Around noon at May 2nd I arrived in Nuermberg, where my father picked me up, treating me for la delicious lunch and bringing me home to my mothers place in Fürth. There I repacked and convinced my mother to go Inline skating with me. At the next morning, May 3rd, my train left to Harlingen in Netherlands. From Tel Aviv to Harlingen by bus, airplane, and train within 28hrs, entering a whole new world. Guess for what?

Oh, and the surprise? I put on weight, around 5kg! I never had the experience of feeling too fat. It usually is the other way around.

Why back to Europe?

People tend to ask stupid questions. “What are you doing here?”, for example. Or worse: “Why are you here?” Both with empathise on “here”. I knew it in the beginning. I wanted to study the local Arabic language and culture to gain a qualification to get a job with refugees. I wanted to travel for one year and then return to Regensburg, to live there for a while and then finally start travelling. At least that is what I told myself. It was not well thought through. In fact it was only an excuse to run away. To flee from my ex-partner. In my loving stupidity I had invited her to live with me in my beloved town. It turned out to be a huge mistake. After she got herself a new girlfriend she told me to leave my city, and acted accordingly. I could have fought for it, but I I knew: Regensburg is too small to avoid her and my inability to deal with the situation would cost me my friends. So I decided a strategic drawback, hoping that she would have left till I return. But I figured, I neither want to stop travelling, nor does she want to leave the city. So no returning to work with refugees. So hwhat to answer to those question?

There were more thing:
1) Future plans are to take a TEFL course to become a travelling English teacher. Although my English is quite good, I lack confidence and tend to perfection. So I badly want to spent some time in U.K. or Ireland.

2) Originally, before I decided to give it a final try with my ex, I intended to spend summer 2016 in the Netherlands as a maat on a sailing boat. I was really eager to get that adventurous, challenging experience. You can imagine what went trough my mind when I, almost every day, biked alongside the seaside in Tel Aviv, watching the Mediterranean and all the sailing boats.

3) Since my childhood I was drawn to Asia and material arts, but never got a good access to it. The occasional mindless internet surfing gave me an article about Kung Fu Nuns in Nepal. That reminded me about something long forgotten: Someone told me that she spend a month or so in a Kung Fu school in China. Some short research showed me: One year is about 5000€ inkl. board and lodging. One year in a martial arts school in China seems to be a great access. So, how do I get a few thousand €?

4) I terribly miss music sessions and bal folk dancing. And I know from my ex partner that there are schools in Sweden where you can live in and study svenska folk music for about 9 months. On of them is in Goteland. Also around 5000€.

To sum it up, I came to the conclusion, that what I was doing in the middle east was, in fact, wasting my time. I am still want to travel the Arab world, but first there are other things to do. So I decided to take the flight, that I had to book in order to enter Israel, return to Europe, have a cold and wet summer as a maat and a cold and wet winter in U.K. I hate being so jumpy. Work starts at May 5th, if everything goes well.


  1. domink

    Wow, da hast du deine Pläne aber ganz schön durcheinandergeworfen.
    War sehr spannend zu lesen.
    Freut mich das es dir gut geht, hab lang gar nichts von dir gehört.
    Bei mir ist auch grad viel Veränderung, Wohnungssuche und noch was, deswegen hab ich nicht so viel Zeit zum schreiben. Nächste Woche vielleicht mehr.

    1. sembei (Post author)

      Vielleicht sollten wir mal skypen?
      Deinen Postkartenwunsch habe ich nicht vergessen.:)


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