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Vacation in Germany

Just know I am sitting in my beloved Regensburg, in a beloved vegan cafe. I used to come here to have a nice green tea and write applications. It had just opened when I had moved to Regensburg. I was worried this place won’t survive, but it is sparkling live now. It is fantastic what they offer here without having a proper kitchen. I am thankful and happy for the marvellous weekend I had, meeting my friends in Regensburg. I prefer to meet everybody one by one. I stayed over night at three different places.

I am in Germany for almost two and a half months now. I live in Fürth at my mothers place, reoccupying my old room where I grew up in, I lived there from 4 till 23. Being there has the peace of being familiar with every little movement or sight.

Still I was restless when I arrived. I came back to take time for yoga and music, selling my stuff and doing some doctors running. To support myself I wanted to work part time.

Somehow I messed it up a bit. I looked for jobs like crazy and somehow ended up working full time as a Stagehand for a temporary employment company specialized on events. The tasks ranged from storage work to set up the stage for concerts and comedians. It started with two weeks working in a storage in Nuermberg. The work was ok and I enjoyed to cycle at least 20km each day. But work was changeable. At one week I went to Kempten and came back at 4 in the moring, had a day off, had to work in Nürnberg and came back at 2 at night and had to go to Ingolstadt to work come back at 3 am. After that I felt like a zombi. Afterwards we were sent into a little village to build down an event. It was for one week and although it was 10 hours work per day it felt like being in holidays. In that week I told my boss that I would like to switch to part time and most likely leave sooner or later. The respond was a dismissal to September 30th. Although it was good money and I enjoyed the physical work, the opportunity to beautiful spots and unsual insights, I am not too sad to be honest. Being turend into a Zombi, the rude tone of some supervisors and the atmosphere spread by most of my colleagues made me dislike the job.

Now I take time for yoga, music, selling stuff and for myself. And I have plenty of it. Unlike Regensburg, Fürth has nothing to offer for me. The Session is boring, the City is a typical metropolis with its dirty air, too much traffic and too less green. When I arrived I wondered how I should breath. Having some Ship Diesel from time to time suddenly seams to be a great deal for breathing the clean air of the sea. The next I noticed were the empty faces. I wonder what exactly is behind them. I do not feel comfortable here. So I can completely retreat into my own world. Focus on the deep love I feel, the peace and dream away. I won’t miss anything. I can stay at home and spent endless time on tunes or just lying down, letting my thoughts float.

Nevertheless it costs me 170€ for health insurance each month. Most likely I will spend more money on that than on food. I am more and more drawn to set sails for new adventures. There is just some stuff I need to fix first…

Written on October 10th

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