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Germany – Again!

Hey Fellows, long time no see! It has been a while.
The relaxing laziness I wrote about in my last lines soon became less relaxing when it got forced upon me. I did a bad step and hurt my foot. I thought it would go away on its own, but after two weeks with pain, unable to walk, I went to the doctor. Diagnosis: Active arthrosis in the ball of my foot due to splayfeet, both sides. Bye bye barefeet, hello insoles. Since my plans for Morocco, scheduled from January to April, naturally required lots of walking, I administered myself strict rest, watching my money flying out.
Originally I had planed to spent some time in the UK this winter and do the TEFL. It stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it is a certificate that helps getting a job as an English teacher. UK was off limits, but not the TEFL. So I took the special offer from I-to-i TEFL and did the course. It was fun and I really want to work teaching, and sailing of course.

Then the time came. I spent New Year on a sailing ship to see if the skipper and me would get along in the next season, I visited a friend in Brighton, did a spontaneous detour to London and finally meet up with my travel partner for Morocco in Paris. We started our trip mid January, had some nice days in Barcelona and surprisingly split up in south Spain. I travelled Morocco on my own. I tried workaway for some teaching experience but it did not work out. Also I was very restless. I missed the sailing atmosphere and although it was nice I wanted to be in the Netherlands. After one month I left Morocco. I wanted to switch luggage, get a workaway place in the Netherlands and see if I could help with some boat work before the season starts. Instead the cold I had caught in Morocco (riding across the Atlas mountains on the roof of an auto bus) grew to a full blown sinusitis. I was forced to stay in Hotels, at one day I was barely able to get up. I made my way to Barcelona, then I gave up and took a 25h bus ride home. It took additional two weeks to recover, spending mostly with sleeping. Even now, 21 days after my arrival, I am still a bit ill.
My attempts to find a ship for the next season were in vain so far. The skipper from New Year got her last seasons matrose back. The rest I contacted wants to have a face to face coffee. So I need to organise a little trip.
But I also realised: I miss Natural Sciences. I want to professionally use my degree at some point. Surly not for such dull things like software testing. When I scrolled the job adds, as I occasionally do, I found seven interesting opportunities. Seven in all Germany.
And there is another thing I miss: the amenities of a settled life. I would like to have classes in playing the recorder, Yoga and Aikido. And I want to do as many kitchen experiments as I want. Live on a sail boat is beautiful and the best I ever had, but food is limited. The job is great and variable, but leaves not much space for other interests.
So I am waving a bit. Golden cage or freedom with cut wings?

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