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Yes, a stupid idea – with an exit!

From the age of seven onwards I always had pets. It began with a fish tank in the living room and a cat. Later I had up to three more fish tanks and gerbils. When I moved into my first own home I got pet rats. Little by little more rats, fish tanks and two hamsters joined. Also, I always had a jungle.
I enjoyed it for a long time, but it became more and more a burden. I preferred to shelter the difficult and sick rats ended up lonely in rural animal shelters. If there was not a sick rat to take care of I was improving the housing. With the fish tanks I tried to keep them on low maintenance and low budged and as close to nature as possible. I made filters, hunted water insects to provide good food and loved to think about new little biotopes. Dreaming about seeing my fish in the wild one time. I could neither travel nor study for one term abroad. My pets ate my money and kept me busy. So busy that I was not able to focus on my studies properly or relax or just do nothing without a guilty conscious. I always thought I could do something better. I realized that I got myself in a golden cage. Finally I slowly decreased the amount of pets and with 30 I was free. It felt strange. No responsibilities, no one depended on me any more. I left Coburg, where I had studied and lived from 2005 till 2013, and moved to Kneiting, close to Regensburg. The place where I lived with a Wooden stove, if you read my last post.

I still had far to much stuff. I already had sold a lot, had donated a lot and had thrown away some. But still it was too much. So I continued. More and more burden fell of.
I still have too much stuff stored at my mothers place. But I want to keep my books, my CDs, some of my childhood treasures and the things that became my adult treasures. I enjoy going through them when I am at my mothers place. My only furniture are self made wooden boxes, old suitcases, two wooden ikea boxes and cupboard. A very handy setting for relocation.
In summary I can say: I am much more happy with less property and less responsibility. And then I bought a boat. What went into me?

Quite simple: Sometimes I wish for a home where I am not the guest of someone else. Where I can invite people, do what I want whenever I want and do not need to worry weather I get kicked out or not. A safe, reliable place to stay.
Unfortunately, the more time I spent in this plastic box of boat, the more I realised: Its not for me. So much responsibility! Boat live, is great, but not owning a tiny plastic box where a useless toilet cabin eats most of the space and plenty of “must be done” screams at me. The windfall a good plastic box though.

Luckily a friend of mine was very fond of the Windfall and bought her. We had some great days together on board when he helped me sorting things out. He got more and more enthusiastic and I think it is quite his thing and he is quite happy with the Windfall. He always dreams about sailing the world with his own little boat.

I still live in this chamber in the cosy house located in a historic village. I practice Recorder and Viola, do too less yoga, study and spend too much time in bed. Every Friday I go to the lessons of the nautical college in Enkhuizen. From time to time I go to Amsterdam to a session or a cooking project or just to meet random people. On 16th and 17th of march are the exams. Then this live is over and some new adventures begin.
Update: I started to help out on a boat for some renovations. No more to much lazy time!

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    yeah, a sign you are living 🙂


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