Follow The Fennel


Always dreaming about long term travelling to explore the world, always getting a bit closer but never starting because I felt not prepared enough…
32 years old, equipped with a cancer diagnosis and a broken heart, I decided, very spontaneously: Now is the time! So I went off to the Middle East.

Now is the time to experience alien cultures and nature, to travel slowly by simple means. I hitchhike, volunteer for board and lodging, do long distant hikes and sleep outside as I can afford it. If hitchhiking is not an option, I use local public transportation.
I gave me the life mission of contributing to a more environmental-friendly, conscious, peaceful, and caring society. Even tiny things every very individual does, affects.

I like a simple, organic lifestyle, led by the question “what do I really need?”.
What I really love is music. Playing an instrument is another dream I had from childhood onwards.
That is why I travel with my handy little viola Djamila, my bow Fenchel and my yet nameless recorder.
I also love to see nature with natural science and mathematics perspective. Many problems can be solved by just knowing physics or mathematics.

Cancer is gone for now, but there is a 20% probability it kills me within the next 15 years. I said no thanks to chemo-, ray- and antihormone-therapy. A healthy lifestyle including diet, sports, meditation and mindset is my way to guide my odds, and my gut feels much more happy with that.
I started living my dream before it is too late.

From Oktober 2017 untill April 2017 I am living in the Netherlands attending the famous Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool, a nautical college special for commercial sailing.

Some catchy words: vegan, often raw, yoga, hitchhiking / auto stop, hiking, sleeping outside, edible wild plants, minimalism, plastic avoidance, DIY, permaculture, upcycling, folk music, folk dances, simplisticity, ecological, organic, sailing.

And Follow the Fennel? Well, fennel is healthy, and according to the one who gave me the broken heart it looks like a heart. Soooo, ta-dam, it says: Follow the Heart, honour the past and keep your future in mind.