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If you happen to have too much money: feel free to support me! 🙂
Since I prefer to earn my money, I am up to an experiment: How about giving me a little homework for your donation?

Like, sending a postcard, taking a photograph, getting some local information or shipping something that is hard to purchase in your country?
Or you want me to write an article on how to make hummus or on a special happening? On how many Falafel I can eat or if I manage to hitchhike 100 km with an armchair?

Whatever your idea is: please contact me.

Of course you can also support me with:
– a couch to sleep on, shower or use of washing machine
– a lift
– a mooring place for my boat in summer time (6.70m, bilge keel)
– a foldable bicycle
– work, for money or experience or just to make me feel good because i could help out

Thank You 🙂