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Support Me

If you happen to have too much money: feel free to support me! :)
Since I prefer to earn my money, I am up to an experiment: How about giving me a little homework for your donation?

Like, sending a postcard, taking a photograph, getting some local information or shipping something that is hard to purchase in your country?
Or you want me to write an article on how to make hummus or on a special happening? On how many Falafel I can eat or if I manage to hitchhike 100 km with an armchair?

If you want to tie your donation to a task, please contact me before. I will not do everything. In Addition, your donation should cover my expenses.

You can send me money with PayPal or by using a money transfer to my European bank account.

Bank Account:
Nicole Kuhmann
IBAN: DE32 5001 0517 5412 1275 20



I usually work for board and lodging, so what do I need money for?

  1. If I want to get special food, like ginger.
  2. If I want to eat out, what rarely happens.
  3. For food, when I couchsurf or visit friends.
  4. For public transportation, if hitchhiking seems to be a bad idea.
  5. For border crossings and visa. From Israel to Jordan I have to pay around 185 NIS (45 €) to leave Israel and 40 JOD (50 €) to enter Jordan.
  6. For medical ultrasound check-ups to see if breast cancer came back. This is very cheap in Germany, around 35€ and it seems to be quite expensive in Israel, more than 100€. I hope it will be cheaper in Jordan. I should do this check-up every 3 months, but I stretch it to every 6 months.

Of course you can also support me with a couch or by giving me a hike.

Thank You :)